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George Dindelegan



Associate Professor in General Surgery
Consultant in General Surgery
First Surgical Clinic, Emergency County Hospital Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Center for simulation in medicine and practical skills, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

PhD Thesis: Experimental researches about intestinal transplantation

Experience abroud (related to transplantation):

  • Elective student: Cambridge University, UK, Sept-Oct 1992
  • Socrates Scholarship: Göteborg University , Sweden, Jun-Aug 2000
  • Research Fellow : Department of transplantation and liver surgery, Sahlgrenska Academy, Göteborg University, Sweden, 2000-2001

Scientific articles (related to transplantation):

  • Joshi M, Dindelegan G, Olausson M, Oltean M. Natural killer group 2 member D cell recruitment driven by major histocompatibility complex class I chain-related antigens A and B: a possible mechanism during acute intestinal allograft rejection in the mouse. Transplant Proc. 2010 Dec;42(10):4467-9.
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  • Oltean M, Herlenius G, Dindelegan G, Gäbel M, Mölne J, Nilsson O, Aneman A, Olausson M. Laser-Doppler flowmetry in the monitoring of the human intestinal allograft: a preliminary report.Transplant Proc. 2006 Jul-Aug;38(6):1723-5.
  • Spak E, Ewert S, Vieth M, Fändriks L, Aneman A, Olausson M, Dindelegan G. Angiotensin II receptor expression following intestinal transplantation in mice.J Surg Res. 2006 Sep;135(1):144-9
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  • Dindelegan G, Oltean M, Kurlberg G, Lycke N, Nilsson O, Olausson M. Accelerated acute rejection of the intestinal graft in CD28-deficient mice. Transplant Proc. 2005 Jan-Feb;37(1):82-6.
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  • Dindelegan G, Liden H, Kurlberg G, Oltean M, Nilsson O, Aneman A, Lycke N, Olausson M. Laser-Doppler flowmetry is reliable for early diagnosis of small-bowel acute rejection in the mouse. Microsurgery. 2003;23(3):233-8.
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Member: The Transplantation Society (from 2003)